Timberwind Staff

Timberwind Tree Farm is a family business meaning that if you're part of the family, you're suppose to help out with the business. The helpers consist of Tara & Jim (Mom & Dad), their 6 sons and families (collectively known as the slave labor pool), and other miscellaneous friends of the family (whom Mom & Dad have convinced to volunteer many of their weekends in return for a leftover tree that no one else wanted and could not be used for anything else such as greens or firewood).

Dr. Dad - figurehead CEO - Everyone thinks Dad runs the business which is what he wants everyone to think even though everyone knows who the real boss is (Mom). You'll see him around pretty much every weekend, usually collecting the money and letting everyone else do the hard work.

Mom - Chairwoman of the Board (the real boss) - Like a normal chairperson, Mom is usually off directing other endeavors and only shows up at closing time to collect the booty. You'll normally find her in the house eating bon-bons and being waited upon by her adoring sons and daughters-in-law.

Jim, Wendy, Emily, Kevin, Andrew, Katie, and Alex - Part of the slave labor pool, this is where the real work gets done. Some of the other brothers think they are the ones that really carry the operation but since they don't control the content of this website, their incorrect opinions are of no consequence. If you don't see Jim and Wendy and all of their kids during your visit, it's undoubtedly because they have collapsed due to exhaustion from carrying the workload up to that point.

Marty, Elaine, Joe, Kathleen, Matthew, Tommy, Lizzie, Ben, . . . - Otherwise know as Fertile Myrtle and the Galloping Ghost, Elaine and Marty feel it is their duty to keep the slave labor pool full and growing. Chances are you'll see one of them during your visit but that's mainly because they live next door and like to come and see what's going on.

Pat, Kelly, Dave, Dan, and Christie - Pat is the family storyteller and if you ask him how much work he's been doing, boy will he tell you a story. He'll probably tell you it's nice to have help this year since last year when we sold 50 times more trees than we ever did, he was the only one around in the sub zero weather while everyone vacationed in the Bahamas.

TJ, Elaine, Mikey, Tara, and John - TJ is around a lot during Christmas Tree season but that's mainly because it is also hunting season. He is usually the first one there in the morning and will personally take the first customer of the day back to trees. Then we see him again just after dark and he proceeds to tell everyone how he was back "helping people" all day and that he just happened to find his bow and arrow in a tree in the woods.

Dan, Meagan - Seeing Dan while you're at the tree farm is a real surprise. He's more of a warm weather animal so unless you happen to come on that one 80 degree sunny day that we get every 10 years or so between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you'll probably miss him.

Chris, Kami, Georgie, Lucy, Willow, Brayden - If you're expecting to see Chris while you're looking for a tree, you'll probably want to stop by between 4:30 and 5 after having previously made an appointment. This is a tough time of year for Chris since NASCAR season is over which means he has no real reason for getting out of bed on the weekends anymore. To help ease his depression, Chris asked that we include a link to the NASCAR website so click here to help him feel better.