Seedlings from National and State Champion Ohio Buckeye Trees 

are available from Timberwind Tree Farm 


National or State Champion Ohio Buckeye Trees

Buckeye fans

You can be one of the very, very few fans that have an Ohio Buckeye Tree whose seed came  from the biggest Ohio Buckeye Tree in the state or nation - that is - the "State Champion" or "National Champion" Ohio Buckeye Tree. The seedlings come with a validation certificate, authenticating it's parentage as well as an engraved plaque honoring: a loved one, a graduate, marriage, alumnus, state or national champion football, basketball, baseball, volleyball team - or whatever.  As you would expect, there is a very limited supply of these 1'-2' seedling trees and they are available exclusively from Timberwind Trees. 

Are you looking for a unique, unforgettable, long-lasting, beautiful, inspiring gift in honor (or memory) of that special, unforgettable person (or event) that resonates in memory forever? An Ohio Buckeye seedling from either the national or state (Ohio) Champion makes a perfect gift or memorial. Plant a tree in memory of:

  • Deceased family member, friend, or alumni
  • Graduating seniors
  • A high school that wins a state championship
  • Member(s) of school state champion team
  • College graduates (such as Ohio State)
  • National Championships won by the university/college

Timberwind Tree Farm, a long-time Christmas tree grower and family-friendly cut-your-own tree farm, has expanded its horizons to growing the state tree - the Ohio Buckeye.

Our Ohio Buckeye trees are in a league of their own due to one simple fact; they have pedigrees. Our trees are grown from buckeye seeds from the largest buckeye tree in the state and the largest in the nation. Our seeds come through an exclusive contract that guarantees that they are direct descendants from the national or state champion buckeye trees.  Buying a seedling from a champion tree is comparable to owning a foal who was sired by Secretariat, with the added benefit that our trees are much less expensive.  

When you buy a tree from Timberwind, you get the same personal attention and promise of satisfaction that we have given to our Christmas tree customers for the past 30 years.  Your tree has a one year unconditional guarantee, which we will honor with no questions asked. We want satisfied customers and hope you will recommend us in the future as our business grows.

Your purchase includes:

  •  An Ohio Buckeye seedling (the state tree of Ohio) grown from the seed of the Ohio Buckeye national or state champion tree.
  • A DNA certificate validating the tree's ancestry.
  • An engraved plaque, with stand, commemorating a person or event.
  • A color photo of the champion tree.
  • If desired, a matching $25 donation to a charity*.

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